Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited

Project Management Organogram

DMTC is the administrative body for implementation of the Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Project (DMRTDP). Initially DMTC will serve as the Project Implementation Unit of the Dhaka Metro Rail projects. It is constituted by an order from the Home Cabinet dated 21 Jan 2013, with a capital of Tk 100 billion. The Road Division of the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges owning 98.8 per cent of shares, and balance owned equally by the Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority, the Prime Minister's Office, and Finance, Rail, Home and Local Government ministries. The Government’s Project Development Proposal illustrates the project management setup, which is illustrated below. The Technical and planning units are set up to work with technical units of the General Consultant (GC) in implementing the Projects. The Institutional Development Consultant (IDC) will recommend an organizational structure to manage and operate the Line 6 Metro and execute future projects to extend the system.

DMTC Organogram 005