Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited

About DMTC

Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh with its 16 million residents is one of the most populated cities in the world. The population density of this city stands around 44 thousand per square kilometer that is increasing day by day. In spite of continued economic growth and development, the Traffic congestion in the city has become one of the most challenging aspects for its dwellers. Currently, the notable mass transit facility within the city in the form of Government and privately owned buses, and a very few railway routes are overburdened with the ever increasing demand for a better and modern commuting system within the city. 
In order to find respite from this situation, In 2008, the Government laid out a comprehensive transport plan naming Strategic Transport Plan (STP) for the Greater Dhaka City and its adjoining areas. The plan looked at various Key Policy issues including safety, pedestrian preferences, public transport, non-motorized transport, travel demand management, mass transit systems, etc. From 70 different policy recommendations under the STP, 10 comprehensive transportation strategies were evaluated. Later, the Strategic Transport Plan was updated to the Revised Strategic Transport Plan (RSTP).  The RSTP includes a plan to construct 5 Mass Rapid Transit, MRT, or Metro Rail in Dhaka naming MRT Line-1, MRT Line-2, MRT Line-4, MRT Line-5 and MRT Line-6. The targeted implementation period for the plan is from 2015 through 2035.
In order to plan, conduct surveys, design, finance, construct, maintain and operate these 5 Metro Rail Routes, a fully Government owned company named as Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited –DMTCL- was established on 3rd June, 2013. 
In the first phase, DMTCL is constructing the MRT Line-6. The Feasibility studies for MRT Line-1 and MRT Line-5 has been completed and their detailed design is currently ongoing under the second phase. Initiatives to implement the MRT Line-2 and MRT Line-4 have been taken under the third phase.